About Realdania By & Byg

Realdania By & Byg develops experimental new buildings, sites and neighbourhoods, and also conserves historic houses, all on a sustainable basis. This is done through philanthropic investments and the active ownership of properties and sites.

Realdania By & Byg works to realise Realdania's mission of promoting quality of life in the built environment through active ownership of exemplary buildings and sites for urban development.
The aim is to acquire and build property in order to establish and interpret a collection of good examples of architecture and building styles in every part of Denmark – and to get involved in long-term urban development projects in partnership with local authorities in order to contribute to the development and quality of Danish towns.

By means of philanthropic investment in sites and properties, the organisation will at the same time generate a degree of revenue for Realdania, with the aim of promoting further philanthropic activity.
Interpretation plays an important role for Realdania By & Byg – both with regard to historic houses and other important properties and to sustainable solutions in newbuild and urban development.

Through our website, films and books, our Open House events and the Realdania By & Byg Club, we share the many stories which our properties and urban development projects have to tell.
Within urban development, Realdania By & Byg also disseminates information and solutions for the Danish local authorities and other professionals working in the field.

Realdania Byg is owned by Realdania, a member-based philanthropic organization that supports projects in the built environment: cities, buildings, and built heritage.
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