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New road tunnel puts end to railroad barrier in Køge

The inauguration of Køge’s new road tunnel on Sunday, October 30th, practically became a public festival as 1,500 citizens took advantage of the opportunity to walk through the tunnel on the beautiful autumn day.

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FredericiaC signs major agreement with A. Enggaard A/S

241 residences, 300 parking spaces in the city centre, a café and restaurant as well as new commercial properties are now underway in the canal district by the Little Belt. This is the result of the new agreement signed by the two parties regarding development of the Sønder Voldgade neighbourhood over the next four years.

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Realdania By & Realdania Byg mergers to one company

From January 1st 2016 Realdania By Inc. and Realdania Byg Inc. is merged into one company under the name Realdania By & Byg Inc. The merger will gather Realdanias philanthropic investments in one company. Realdania By & Byg Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Realdania.

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The Varming house open to the public - one day only

Unusual engineering and beautiful architecture. The engineer Jørgen Varming's own house from 1952 came into being through the close cooperation between Varming and Danish architects Eva and Nils Koppel. The result was a masterpiece the redefined the Nordic villa. Realdania Byg has now restored the groundbreaking house and celebrate with an open house Friday, May 8 at. 12-17, Skovvej 35A, 2820 Gentofte

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New Danish houses cut carbon emissions almost by half!

By 45 per cent! CO2 emissions have been reduced by almost half in Realdania Byg's newly completed MiniCO2 Standard House in Nyborg, Denmark, compared with a traditional, Danish detached single family standard build.  The house which is open to the public over the summer months incorporates a number of carbon reducing features. Visitors are welcome on any Sunday in July or August, between 13.00 and 15.00. Visitors are also invited to have a look inside the other five experimental houses built to examine how best to reduce carbon emissions from Danish single family houses

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The cultural heritage of Læsø: A resource in sustainable building

On the small island of Læsø in Denmark, a several hundred-year-old building style has formed the basis on which a new holiday house has been built - the Modern Seaweed House. The house is designed by Vandkunsten firm of architects and developed by Realdania Byg as a holiday house built in wood, covered and insulated with seaweed. The Modern Seaweed House is carefully adapted into the landscape and has a wonderful interaction with nature, the historic buildings and Læsø's unique cultural history.

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Arne Jacobsen houses become part of global network

Arne Jacobsen's own houses on Strandvejen 413 og Gotfred Rodes Vej 2 are internationally acclaimed. Now, the two houses have become part of a new global network for architecture called "Iconic Houses", which strives to preserve and communicate "the architects' own houses" from the 20th century.

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European philanthropy lays its foundations in Brussels

Brussels, 1 July 2011 - Philanthropy has a new home in Brussels thanks to the foresight and financial commitment of six European foundations. Foundation House will be situated at ...

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Rem Koolhaas/OMA's Bryghusprojekt in Copenhagen announced today

An exhibition place. A residence. A rendezvous. A place of work. A place of play. A place of recreation. A place to eat. A connecting line where the city meets the harbour. Where traffic meets construction. Where work meets leisure. Where people of all ages meet each other.

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