eksterioer_indkoersel.jpgThe house is one of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen's first examples of a building inspired by international functionalism. It is remarkable for both architectural and historical reasons, and at one and the same time reflects and was the home of one of Denmark's greatest architects and his work.

The property is also interesting for incorporating two widely differing building construction systems within the same architectural style. In 1929, the Building Act of 1889 still governed Danish construction. The law dictated that all buildings in Denmark must be implemented in masonry, by which was meant brickwork. This was the reason why the first stage of the house, the original two-storey home with the roof terrace from 1929, was constructed in traditional brickwork while the later extension with the drawing office from 1931 was constructed in reinforced concrete.

interioer_entre.jpgArne Jacobsen worked and lived in the house on Gotfred Rodes Vej until 1943, when he moved to Sweden. In 1951, a few years after returning to Denmark, he moved to Strandvejen 413 in Klampenborg where he had designed a new home.

The restoration
Realdania Byg's restoration of the house concentrated on restoring the property to its original expression while carrying out a series of immediately necessary repair works - both inside and out. 

The architect
Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) is one of a kind and known throughout the world. Through his many different projects, from buildings to furniture and applied arts, he made a strong and personal impression on Danish architecture and design for more than 50 years. His scope was wide, from the functionalist lines of large buildings to the simplicity of his celebrated range of cutlery for Georg Jensen. It is characteristic of Arne Jacobsen that several of his buildings were equipped down to the last detail with furniture and fittings of his own design. The best-known example of this is the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

The property is privately leased for mixed residential and commercial purposes. Not open to the public.