Central Jutland

Susanne Eeg Rumspringa

Car Park - Dokk1 (2014-2015)

As part of the project Dokk1 (formerly Urban Mediaspace Aarhus) Realdania Byg is building Europe's largest and most advanced fully automatic car park with capacity for 1000 cars.

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energiparcel forside til projektet hjemmesiden.jpg

Energiparcel – New Energy for your House (2008 - 2011)

Energiparcel is a research based exemplary project. Four typical single-family houses were restored in four different ways with focus on saving energy. Afterwards the houses have been sold.

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Healthy Homes.jpg

Healthy Homes (2016-2017)

Sunde Boliger (Healthy Homes) is a 1:1 demonstration project that will form a bridge between research and practice and probe possibilities for a better indoor climate with a foothold in building materials, building methods and technology.The project is a part of Realdania's initiative 'A good indoor climate'

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Adam Mørk

Knud Friis' Own House (1958)

Architect Knud Friis designed and built the villa for himself and his family in 1958 and extended it in 1970. The house reflects many of the attitudes and characteristics found in the architecture by Friis&Moltke.

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Realdania Byg

Nørre Vosborg (1542-2008)

Nørre Vosborg, one of very few remaining manors in the western Jutland marshes, dates back to the 13th Century. The particularly well preserved manor ranks as the finest in this part of the country.

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