Northern Jutland

Lars Gundersen

Bindesbøll’s Town Hall in Thisted (1853)

Thisted's old town hall is a fine example of 19th Century provincial town halls built in the eclectic "historicist" style. Built in 1853 to a design by Michael G. Bindesbøll, the town hall is beautifully situated facing the main town square.

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Kalines Hus. Foto:Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Seaweed Houses on Læsø - Kaline's House (1865)

The restoration of the historic house, Kalines House, aims at ensuring the proliferation of the island's centuries old building practice. Kalines House is the first part of the project 'Seaweed Houses on Læsø' - also see The Modern Seaweed House

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Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The Modern Seaweed House on Læsø (2013)

The erection of a new summerhouse, The Modern Seaweed House explifies how seaweed can be used as a sustainable and modernbuilding material. The Moderns Seaweed House is part of the project 'Seaweed Houses on Læsø'.

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Realdania Byg

The Grey Lighthouse, Skagen (1858 (restoration 2015-2017))

The Grey Lighthouse in Skagen was built 1858 after drawings by the Danish architect N.S. Nebelong. It is situated on the center of Skagen Odde, and shoots 46 meters up in the sky - making it the second tallest lighthouse in Denmark.

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Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

The Home of the County Prefect of Hjørring (1910)

The house and the adjoining garden constitute one of architect Hack Kampmann's finest works, which exemplifies the local and regional architectural influence on early 20th-century state buildings.

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Lars Gundersen

The House of the Harbour Master (1905)

The House of the Harbour Master was built in 1905 following drawings by architect Ulrik Plesner. The building originally served as port office as well as homes for the harbour master and his two attendants.

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