Kira Krøis Ursem

Arne Jacobsen's Own Summerhouse (1936)

The house was built in 1936 as the architect Arne Jacobsen's private holiday home. The architecture displays the transition from regional to international modernism.

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Lars Gundersen

Esken - Svenn Eske Kristensen’s Own Summerhouse (1954)

"Esken" (a wordplay on the Danish word for "Box") was built in 1954 by Royal Inspector of State Buildings Sven Eske Kristensen as his private holiday home. In the 1960s a guest house and a wood shed were added.

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Koch's Court House in St. Heddinge (1838)

The St. Heddinge court house was designed by Jørgen Hansen Koch while the surrounding walls and outhouses were designed by Georg Kretz. The Court House is considered the prototype of the new town halls erected throughout the country at the end of absolutism.

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Lars Gundersen

Kornerup’s Town Hall in Vordingborg (1843 - 45)

The town hall was built in 1843-45 to a design by Royal Building Inspector Peter Kornerup. The town hall is one of the earliest and quite rare examples of the neo-Gothic style in Denmark. The house is centrally located in the town, facing the old castle with its famous 'Goose Tower'.

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Jens Lindhe

Tvede's Town Hall in Sorø (1880)

Sorø town hall was designed by architect Vilhelm Tvede and built in 1880 after a fire had destroyed the previous, neo-classicistic, town hall from 1844, of which only the prison wing exists today.

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