What is HOUSING+

The HOUSING+ concept came about in 2005 in connection with an energy campaign among Danish experts and professionals in the energy sector. During the campaign, a number of representatives from the construction industry were given 36 hours to solve the task: 'How can we develop energy-efficient homes for the growing population of the world?'

As the overall conclusion the group found that there is a great potential for energy savings in connection with new construction, and that Denmark has the products, knowledge, skills and opportunities required to take advantage of and promote this potential. It was considered that experiences from new construction would have an effect on the existing building stock, and in that context, Denmark can also be an international knowledge centre.

There is already a lot of attention concerning energy consumption for the heating of new construction. However, it is the continuous consumption of electricity, which the residents burn up when using various electric appliances, that is often overlooked. BOLIG+ will show which economic and environmental gains can be obtained by taking a holistic view of energy consumption in the construction sector, including the daily lives of Danes in general and their use of a number of electric devices.

After the energy campaign has ended, a broad range of parties from the construction industry in Denmark were involved in the further work with the HOUSING+ concept.  The cooperation resulted in a set of doctrines for new construction, a project competition and a steering group with a secretariat that follows, collects, evaluates and promotes the project. The developer on the project is Realdania By & Byg A/S.

The five doctrines, which the HOUSING+ multi-storey residential construction adheres to - within a normal financial framework - are:

  • Energy neutral on an annual basis including electricity for lighting and appliances
  • Intelligent and operator-friendly home
  • Adaptable in use and over time
  • Housing with a good and healthy indoor climate
  • Construction of high architectural quality adapted to the local context

Participants in the HOUSING+ cooperation:

  • The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA)
  • The Danish Academic Architects' Association
  • Centre for Energy Savings (formerly The Danish Electricity Saving Trust)
  • The Danish Ecological Council
  • The Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University
  • Danish Technological Institute