Køge Kyst

Køge Kyst is developing the harbour and industrial area between Køge Town centre and the sea as a unique, attractive and sustainable urban district. The project will also enhance the role of Køge as a centre on Zealand and in the Øresund region as a whole.

The area consists of three parts: the Station Area, Søndre Havn and the Collstrop Site.



Area: 250,000 m2

Potential floor Space 292,000 m2

Residential: 172,000 m2

Retail: 16,000 m2

Cafe/restaurant: 2,000 m2

Offices/business: 92,000

Culture: 8,000 m2

Daycare ect: 2,000


4,000 residents and 4,000 workplaces

25 minutes by train between Køge and Copenhagen Central from 2018


For more information, go to www.koegekyst.dk/english

Havnen 39, 4600 Køge  
The Municipality of Køge and Realdania By & Byg 
Year of construction: