Køge Kyst is a partnership between the Municipality of Køge and Realdania By & Byg to develop a part of the central harbour area in Køge. The area consists of three parts: the Station Area, Søndre Havn and the Collstrop Site.

The new harbour opens the door to the development
Since the mid-1990s, the Municipality of Køge has followed a conscious strategy to develop an active commercial harbour. The most visible result is the filling of the harbour pool in the northern part of the town, via Køge Jorddepot (Soil Depot - in Danish). This provides the opportunity to use the areas of the harbour close to the town for other purposes. Søndre Havn, which has been used for industrial purposes to date, will thus be used in future for urban development together with the two other central areas of the town: the Collstrop Site and the Station Area.

New connections across the railway
Urban renewal will generate new functions and new interrelationships between the three areas - and with the rest of the town of Køge. A crucial element involves setting up three new connections across the railway line, which is currently the most significant barrier between the town centre and the harbour. These connections will be for pedestrians, cyclists and motorised traffic.

The station is essential for the development
Another important factor in the development is the proximity of the area to the station. Together with the possibility of a new, fast rail connection to Copenhagen, this provides an even better basis for commuting to and from Køge.

Finally, the urban development project will contribute to strengthening the regional importance of Køge as the crossroads of East Zealand, close to Copenhagen.

The development will take place over the coming 20 years.
The new part of the town will be developed over the coming 20 years. The project will take place on the basis of an idea competition for professional players, such as architects and town planners, who are to provide input for the development. In addition, citizens, the business community, retailers and other stakeholders will be involved in the work, contributing visions, suggestions and good ideas.

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