Realdania Byg's property portfolio

The portfolio constitutes a balanced collection of important examples of Danish architectural tradition and style, which covers a whole range from historical listed buildings to newly built properties, with significant architectural, cultural or historical values in common. The list below features all of the properties alphabetically sorted.

Ambergs Tinghus i Esbjerg. Foto:Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Amberg's Court House in Esbjerg (1892)

The old court house in Esbjerg from 1892 consists of two buildings, both of which are listed. The property is a significant example of the historicist style, placed on the corner of the central town square.

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Per Munkgård Thorsen/Lars Degnbol

Arne Jacobsen’s Own House in Charlottenlund (1929/1931)

The villa was built in 1929 by the architect Arne Jacobsen as his private residence. An extension was added in 1931 to house a private studio.

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Per Munkgård Thorsen/Lars Degnbol

Arne Jacobsen’s Own House in Klampenborg (1951)

The house is part of the Søholm estate built 1945-1953 in three stages and with three types of houses all designed by Arne Jacobsen. The house was built as the architect's private house and studio - he lived here from 1951.

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Kira Krøis Ursem

Arne Jacobsen's Own Summerhouse (1936)

The house was built in 1936 as the architect Arne Jacobsen's private holiday home. The architecture displays the transition from regional to international modernism.

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Bertel Udsens Hus Forside Til Hjemmeside

Bertel Udsen's Own House (1956)

The house was built in the middle of the 1950s as private home for Udsen and is typical for his work during this period. Udsen is one of the Danish architects having designed the largest number of single family houses.

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Lars Gundersen

Bindesbøll’s Town Hall in Thisted (1853)

Thisted's old town hall is a fine example of 19th Century provincial town halls built in the eclectic "historicist" style. Built in 1853 to a design by Michael G. Bindesbøll, the town hall is beautifully situated facing the main town square.

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Bispebjerg Bakke Forside Projektet Hjemmeside

Bispebjerg Bakke (2004-2006)

Bispebjerg Bakke is situated in the Northwest of Copenhagen and is designed by the artist, Professor Bjørn Nørgaard. It consists of 135 unique apartments built on a large green site.

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Rendering. Foto:OMA

BLOX (2006-2017)

BLOX has huge urban potential. The objective is to bear out this potential with a property that improves the urban qualities of the area and connects the city to the harbour. The building is designed by Rem Koolhass.

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Susanne Eeg Rumspringa

Car Park - Dokk1 (2014-2015)

As part of the project Dokk1 (formerly Urban Mediaspace Aarhus) Realdania Byg is building Europe's largest and most advanced fully automatic car park with capacity for 1000 cars.

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Clemmensen's Own House (1953)

The house was designed and built in 1953 by architect couple Karen and Ebbe Clemmensen and has until 2003 served as both home and studio.

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