Realdania Byg's property portfolio

The portfolio constitutes a balanced collection of important examples of Danish architectural tradition and style, which covers a whole range from historical listed buildings to newly built properties, with significant architectural, cultural or historical values in common. The list below features all of the properties alphabetically sorted.

Landstedet set fra adkomstvejen. Foto:Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

Country House by Kay Fisker (1917 (restoration 2014-2016))

The country house in Snekkersten by Kay Fisker was built as a summer residence for pump manufacturer JW Friis in 1918. This property is an excellent example of neoclassicism in Denmark.

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Kira Ursem

Edvard Heiberg's Own House (1924)

The house was built in 1924 as the home of the architect Edvard Heiberg. Although showing marked classicist features, Heiberg's house is considered the first modernist house in Denmark.

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energiparcel forside til projektet hjemmesiden.jpg

Energiparcel – New Energy for your House (2008 - 2011)

Energiparcel is a research based exemplary project. Four typical single-family houses were restored in four different ways with focus on saving energy. Afterwards the houses have been sold.

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Lars Gundersen

Esken - Svenn Eske Kristensen’s Own Summerhouse (1954)

"Esken" (a wordplay on the Danish word for "Box") was built in 1954 by Royal Inspector of State Buildings Sven Eske Kristensen as his private holiday home. In the 1960s a guest house and a wood shed were added.

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Jakob Bekker-Hansen

Gunnløgsson's Own House (1958)

The house was designed and built in 1958 by architect, Professor Halldor Gunnløgsson. Gunnløgsson lived in the house until his death in 1985, and his widow lived there until 2012.

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Lars Gundersen

Harboe's Refuge for Widowed Ladies (1663-1669)

Originally designed by Simon de Pethum in 1663, the building has been expanded and remodeled several times since. It still houses the 270-year-old foundation which provides housing for widowed ladies.

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Healthy Homes.jpg

Healthy Homes (2016-2017)

Sunde Boliger (Healthy Homes) is a 1:1 demonstration project that will form a bridge between research and practice and probe possibilities for a better indoor climate with a foothold in building materials, building methods and technology.The project is a part of Realdania's initiative 'A good indoor climate'

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Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

Hindsgavl Castle (1784-1785)

Hindsgavl Castle has roots tracing back 800 years. The present manor with its main house, wings and farm buildings, built in 1784-85 by chamberlain Christian Holger Adeler and his wife Karen Basse Fønss, is a fine example of early neo-classical Danish architecture.

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Noah Boe-Whitehorn/Realdania Byg

Historic Houses in Ilimanaq (1751-1770 (restoration 2015-2017))

Two of the very few remaining 18th-century historic buildings in Greenland will be restored and refurbished to house a new restaurant and shop as well as a visitors' centre. World of Greenland, Qaasuitsup Kommunia and Realdania Byg have formed a partnership to develop the area through tourism and conservation of cultural heritage.

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HOUSING+ (2013-2015)

HOUSING+ (BOLIG+ in Danish) is Danmark's first net-zero energy building, which also produces electricity for the residents' use of electrical appliances such as mobile chargers, vacuum cleaner and lighting. The Building consists of 10 apartments amassing approximately 1,200 square metres.

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