Realdania Byg's property portfolio

The portfolio constitutes a balanced collection of important examples of Danish architectural tradition and style, which covers a whole range from historical listed buildings to newly built properties, with significant architectural, cultural or historical values in common. The list below features all of the properties alphabetically sorted.

Christian Richters

Tietgen's Agony (2009-2010)

Next to the "Marble Church" in Copenhagen Realdania Byg has built a new mixed-use residential and commercial building. The house is designed by the English architect Tony Fretton and named after the historic site on which it is situated.

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Jens Lindhe

Tvede's Town Hall in Sorø (1880)

Sorø town hall was designed by architect Vilhelm Tvede and built in 1880 after a fire had destroyed the previous, neo-classicistic, town hall from 1844, of which only the prison wing exists today.

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Ingeniør Varmings eget hus. Foto:Kira Ursem

Varming's Own House (1952)

Varming's house was drawn in 1952 by the architects couple Koppel in a unique coorperation with the engineer Varming. The house is considered as an icon within Nordic housing as it shows innovation in Danish family housing.

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