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havefacade lige påThe Modern Seaweed House
On a vacant site neighbouring the historic seaweed house Kaline's House, Realdania Byg has built a brand-new holiday cottage - carefully situated in the landscape and with a design which respects its older neighbour. Seaweed is used in several new ways and the cottage presents new aesthetics using seaweed. The idea of the new cottage is to help build deeper knowledge about seaweed - not as much as a roof covering, but in more areas such as insulation.

With a foundation of knowledge about seaweed as a natural, non-toxic, non-itching, non-smelling, locally-sourced, CO2-neutral building material, with comparable insulation properties as mineral wool, hope is that these seaweed roofs can inspire solutions for the sustainability issues which the world is currently facing.

Furthermore, a correctly laid seaweed roof can last for up to a hundred years, and thus, seaweed thatch could soon become an interesting prospect in a time when the focus is on climate and the environment. For this reason, the initial interest in the seaweed roof project is to learn more about the traditional thatching techniques, such as the twisting of the foundation bundles and rolls or the piling and stamping of the loose seaweed - just as it was done many hundreds of years ago and has recently been done again at Kaline's House.

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    Seaweed Houses
Learn about the ideas behind The Modern Seaweed House on Laesoe, a house constructed of wood and seaweed based on the traditional thatched seaweed houses on the small Danish island of Laesoe. See the film

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