The Renaissance 1536-1630

The Renaissance 1536-1630
Renaissance means 'rebirth', and the concept was a significant break with the Middle Ages; in spiritual, artistic and social terms. The main influence on Danish architecture came from the Netherlands, as did many of the contemporary architects. In the Dutch Renaissance, the prototypes from the homeland of the Renaissance, Italy, were reduced to sandstone ornaments on brick buildings.

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Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

Odense Secular Convent for Noblewomen (1504 and later)

In the early 18th century, noblewoman Karen Brahe transformed this 16th-century building into a home for unmarried noblewomen, a function it retained until the 1970s.

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Kira Ursem

Taarnborg (1570-80)

The old Bishop's Palace in Ribe dating back to 1570-80, with a few wooden beams even dating back to 1520, is possibly one of the best preserved renaissance buildings in the country.

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OBG Forside

The Maternal House of Oluf Bager (1586 and later)

The merchant's house was built by Oluf Bager in 1586 on the site of an earlier building. Oluf Bager was the country's wealthiest merchant at the time. Over the course of their 400 year history the buildings have changed considerably in response to changes in their use.

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