Architects’ own houses

Realdania Byg's property portfolio contains a number of the houses which prominent Danish architects of the last 100 years have built for themselves and their families. An architect's own home is not just a memorial to the architect but also a significant expression of the architecture and style which characterised his or her work. As their own client, the architects have been able to test ideas and refine their artistic expression without interference from others.

Adam Mørk

Knud Friis' Own House (1958)

Architect Knud Friis designed and built the villa for himself and his family in 1958 and extended it in 1970. The house reflects many of the attitudes and characteristics found in the architecture by Friis&Moltke.

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Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

PH's Own House (1937 (restoration 2015-2016))

Poul Henningsen's own house belongs to the exclusive group of single family homes from the begining of the Modernist era which takes a stand against the traditionel villa and lays down the foundation for the favorite house of the Danes.

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Ingeniør Varmings eget hus. Foto:Kira Ursem

Varming's Own House (1952)

Varming's house was drawn in 1952 by the architects couple Koppel in a unique coorperation with the engineer Varming. The house is considered as an icon within Nordic housing as it shows innovation in Danish family housing.

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