Commercial and office

In this category we have collected a number of Realdania Byg's properties which have all in some way or another accommodated a business or office; this might be a humble state-sponsored smallholding, where self-sufficiency was the driving force, or a 16th-century merchant's premises, a modern brewery or an eight-storey city-centre office block.

Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

The Home of the County Prefect of Hjørring (1910)

The house and the adjoining garden constitute one of architect Hack Kampmann's finest works, which exemplifies the local and regional architectural influence on early 20th-century state buildings.

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Lars Gundersen

The House of the Harbour Master (1905)

The House of the Harbour Master was built in 1905 following drawings by architect Ulrik Plesner. The building originally served as port office as well as homes for the harbour master and his two attendants.

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Jørgen Jensen

The House of the Superintendent of Dikes (1777-1779)

The House of the Superintendent of Dikes, or Richtsen's House, was built in 1777 by Carsten Richtsen. The house contains rich baroque interiors. The adjoining back building was built two years later as stables and depot for the main house.

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OBG Forside

The Maternal House of Oluf Bager (1586 and later)

The merchant's house was built by Oluf Bager in 1586 on the site of an earlier building. Oluf Bager was the country's wealthiest merchant at the time. Over the course of their 400 year history the buildings have changed considerably in response to changes in their use.

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Per Munkgård Thorsen/Lars Degnbol

The Navy’s School for Girls (1858)

The building was designed by architect Bernhard Seidelin and built in 1858 to support the navy's activities on Holmen and in Nyboder. Designed as a school for girls it functioned as such for barely 10 years after which it housed the Naval College.

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The State Smallholding at Skovbølling (1934)

The house at Skovbølling is a particularly well preserved example of the state financed smallholdings common in the first half of the 20th Century. The buildings are designed in the "Bedre Byggeskik" style, a Danish version of the Arts & Crafts movement.

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Christian Richters

Tietgen's Agony (2009-2010)

Next to the "Marble Church" in Copenhagen Realdania Byg has built a new mixed-use residential and commercial building. The house is designed by the English architect Tony Fretton and named after the historic site on which it is situated.

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