Energy projects

Sustainability is a central aspect of all Realdania Byg's projects, and it is a wide-ranging concept covering social, economic and energy-related matters. Here we have collected a number of our projects which are specifically concerned with energy-related sustainability, and in which this is a predominant focus of design, construction, operation and restoration.

Rendering. Foto:OMA

BLOX (2006-2017)

BLOX has huge urban potential. The objective is to bear out this potential with a property that improves the urban qualities of the area and connects the city to the harbour. The building is designed by Rem Koolhass.

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energiparcel forside til projektet hjemmesiden.jpg

Energiparcel – New Energy for your House (2008 - 2011)

Energiparcel is a research based exemplary project. Four typical single-family houses were restored in four different ways with focus on saving energy. Afterwards the houses have been sold.

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Healthy Homes.jpg

Healthy Homes (2016-2017)

Sunde Boliger (Healthy Homes) is a 1:1 demonstration project that will form a bridge between research and practice and probe possibilities for a better indoor climate with a foothold in building materials, building methods and technology.The project is a part of Realdania's initiative 'A good indoor climate'

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HOUSING+ (2013-2015)

HOUSING+ (BOLIG+ in Danish) is Danmark's first net-zero energy building, which also produces electricity for the residents' use of electrical appliances such as mobile chargers, vacuum cleaner and lighting. The Building consists of 10 apartments amassing approximately 1,200 square metres.

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Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The Modern Seaweed House on Læsø (2013)

The erection of a new summerhouse, The Modern Seaweed House explifies how seaweed can be used as a sustainable and modernbuilding material. The Moderns Seaweed House is part of the project 'Seaweed Houses on Læsø'.

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Lars Gundersen

The Fortifications Depot (1740 and later)

In 1681, the canal of Frederiksholm was dug and a depot serving the construction works on the city's fortification was established. The present buildings, military property until 2007, date from the 1740s onwards.

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MiniCO2-husene er et demonstrationsprojekt, som består af fem delprojekter og samlet seks huse - alle opført på en villavej i Nyborg. Foto:Jesper Ray

The MiniCO2 Houses (2012-2014)

In Nyborg, six new single family homes will be built. In five of them different ways to reduce CO2 emissions will be explored, while in the sixth the lessons learnt will be combined to form the prototype for the single family home of the future.

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