Realdania Byg's collection of architects' own houses not only includes the private homes of great Danish architects but also examples of their holiday homes. Designed and constructed by and for the architects themselves on large 'wilderness' plots, these houses are similarly representative of the individual architect's work and architectural legacy.

Kira Krøis Ursem

Arne Jacobsen's Own Summerhouse (1936)

The house was built in 1936 as the architect Arne Jacobsen's private holiday home. The architecture displays the transition from regional to international modernism.

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Lars Gundersen

Esken - Svenn Eske Kristensen’s Own Summerhouse (1954)

"Esken" (a wordplay on the Danish word for "Box") was built in 1954 by Royal Inspector of State Buildings Sven Eske Kristensen as his private holiday home. In the 1960s a guest house and a wood shed were added.

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Kalines Hus. Foto:Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Seaweed Houses on Læsø - Kaline's House (1865)

The restoration of the historic house, Kalines House, aims at ensuring the proliferation of the island's centuries old building practice. Kalines House is the first part of the project 'Seaweed Houses on Læsø' - also see The Modern Seaweed House

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Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The Modern Seaweed House on Læsø (2013)

The erection of a new summerhouse, The Modern Seaweed House explifies how seaweed can be used as a sustainable and modernbuilding material. The Moderns Seaweed House is part of the project 'Seaweed Houses on Læsø'.

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