When Realdania By & Byg completes a project we publish a book or pamphlet about the project and its findings.
All our publications are made available for free download. The list below presents all our publications currently available in English sorted alphabetically by title.
Arne Jacobsens eget hus charlottenlund_UK.jpgArne Jacobsen's Own House - Gotfred Rodes Vej
The house in Charlottenlund is his first building inspired by international functionalism, designed as home for his family and drawing office. Many of functionalism's characteristics are present: flat roof, asymmetric facades, steelframed windows - including corner windows. The property was listed 1987 and is considered an icon for Arne Jacobsen's international period. 20 pages with photos and drawings.

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Arne Jacobsens eget hus Klampenborg UK.jpgArne Jacobsen's Own House - Strandvejen 413
The house was built as combined home and drawing office for Jacobsen. He moved here in 1951 from his previous home on Gotfred Rodes Vej and lived and worked at Strandvejen 413 until he died in 1971. The house forms part of the terrace house complex known as Søhholm situated on the coast side. The house received international attention and was listed in 1987. 16 pages with illustrations and photos.

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A J sommerhus forside UK.jpgArne Jacobsen's Own Summerhouse
Sejrø Bay is home to the summerhouse that Arne Jacobsen built for himself and his family in 1937. The architecture blends in perfectly with the surroundings and reflects many of the values of the Nordic interpretation of Modernism. With his summerhouse, he creates a comprehensive architectural work of international standing - an icon.
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Bispebjerg Bakke - The story of the Bispebjerg snake.pngBispebjerg Bakke - the story of the Bispebjerg snake
"An imaginative, beautiful and groundbreaking residential building with obvious references to southern European Art Nouveau,but interpreted in a contemporary fashion that deeply roots the building inthe community". With these words, Bispebjerg Bakke received an honorary award from the Society for the Embellishment of the Capital in December 2006. The building was shaped by sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard and winds through the landscape in the Northwest neighbourhood of Copenhagen. 107 pages, hardback with photos and illustrations.
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BOLIG+ Denmark's first net-zero energy appartmenment Building
BOLIG+ (HOUSING+) Denmark’s first genuinely energy-neutral apartment building highlights new routes to lower energy consumption, better indoor climate and greater user- friendliness.
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Odense Adelige Jomfrukloster forside

Odense Secular Convent for Noblewomen
The history of the building known as the Odense Secular Convent for Noblewomen or "Jomfruklosteret" goes back more than 500 years. The house was built as a bishop's palace in 1504. Subsequently, it was both a royal manor and the property of noble families for several generations. Only during the 18th century was it fitted out as the secular convent building we know today

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Fæstningens Materialgård.png

The Fortifications Depot
The property dates back to the 1700s and is situated in Copenhagen with Christiansborg Palace and the King's Brewery as its nearest neighbors. The historical complex was given new life and purpose as an attractive rental property. In collaboration with the National Cultural Heritage Agency the Fortifications Depot also became part of the debate on efficient energy and climate - a demonstration project, aimed at showing how energy conservation can be applied to heritage buildings. Hardback DK/UK, 132 pages with photos and illustrations.
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MiniCO2UK_forsideThe MiniCO2 Houses in Nyborg
In Nyborg, on the island of Funen, Realdania Byg has recently built six individually different single-family houses. The impetus has been to demonstrate five extreme ways to reduce the CO2 footprint in five different houses, as a basis for developing the sixth house; a single-family Mini-CO2 standard house, combining all the lessons learned. This strategy solves a three-pronged challenge in one house; it reduces the carbon footprint by 45 percent, compared to a traditional standard house, it offers a number of added architectural, technological and life-improving qualities to the house - and it is available to customers at a price that matches traditional standard houses already on the market.
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Tietgens Ærgrelse (UK - Tietgen's Agony).png

Tietgen's Agony
Tietgen's Agony by Tony Fretton is a modern building. However, it is a building that fully makes sense only on the little corner site in downtown Copenhagen where it stands. For it has been created with deep roots in the plot on which it has been built and deep roots in the area's special history: a tale whose preceding chapter was written by the financier, C.F. Tietgen at the closing of the nineteenth century. DK/UK Hardback, 120 pages with illustrations and photos.
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