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Arne Jacobsen’s private home in Klampenborg

Arne Jacobsen’s private home at Strandvejen 413 forms part of the Søholm housing development. Søholm comprises a row of five yellow-brick terraced houses. As such, they mark a transition from whitewashed functionalism to a more Danish modernism.

The property forms part of the Søholm housing development, which comprises five terraced houses south of Bellavista on Strandvejen in Klampenborg. The property is situated towards the sea at the end of the row of houses and, in contrast to the other houses in the row, features a small extension where Arne Jacobsen had a design office.

The row of houses is staggered, and the individual properties are separated from one another by intermediate buildings, such that each of the houses stands out as a self-contained, three-dimensional composition in its own right.

The facades of the houses are rendered in yellow brick, and as such mark a transition from whitewashed functionalism to a more Danish modernism. The house also exhibits features found in other architecture, such as the high-ceilinged dining room incorporating an alcove, the rising movement towards the view of the Øresund, and the consciously framed vistas. In addition, the building features all manner of fascinating details such as door-handles and fitted wardrobes designed by Jacobsen himself expressly for the house.

Jacobsen lived in the house from 1951 up until his death. After his death, his widow lived in the house for a number of years.

The house is a member of the Iconic Houses Network


Architect Arne Jacobsen

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