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Marskgården in Højer

Marskgården in Højer comprises a small collection of historic buildings: a 200-year-old farmhouse from one of the town's marshland farms, a German-inspired house from 1906 and an eighteenth century barn. Together, the three buildings tell the story of unique building traditions that for generations have been shaped by the landscape, culture and history of South Jutland.

The town of Højer is one of the increasingly rare examples of a corner of Denmark where farms and town houses still exist side by side. The town centre is a patchwork of narrow streets and squares where well-preserved buildings, built in a traditional architectural style and with features typical of local traditions, create a vivid cultural environment. Højer has a rich architectural heritage, and the town centre has one of the highest concentrations of listed buildings and properties worthy of preservation in Denmark.

In the centre of the town square, Realdania By & Byg has transformed two historic buildings, together with a barn, into a new food camp.

The ambition of the Marskgården in Højer project was to preserve the valuable and unique local building culture, revitalise the four buildings and give them a new purpose and a modern function.

Højergård is a classical marshland farm built in a traditional West Schleswig style as a ranch-style house. The building was previously part of a larger farm together with several other buildings, and for many years it had a quadrangular layout. In its present form, Højergård comprises the farmhouse from 1823, an eighteenth century barn on the eastern side, a house from 1906 on the northern side, and on the western side is a modern wing built in 2019.

The four buildings stand on a 3721m2 plot of land.

The Marskgården in Højer project joins the wide range of activities that make up the Tøndermarsk Initiative. Realdania, Tønder Municipality, the A.P. Møller Foundation and the Nordea Foundation have together with local stakeholders invested more than DKK 250 million in the Tøndermarsk Initiative. The partners’ vision is to unite local, regional and national stakeholders in revitalising Tøndermarsk and once again make it an attractive place to visit, live and work.

Marskgården in Højer is the home of the ARLA Foundation’s Food Camp and the venue for local food and nature events in Tønder Municipality.

Credit: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe

Credit: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe



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