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The Car Park - Dokk1

The Car Park is part of the Dokk1 project at the Port of Aarhus, and is Europe's largest and most state-of-the-art automated car park, with space for 972 cars.

The Car Park forms part of the building Dokk1, which is Aarhus’ new central library and citizen service centre. Alongside a number of waterside residential properties and a light railway, Dokk1 forms part of Urban Mediaspace; a large municipal project being developed at the Port of Aarhus.

As part of the transformation of the Port of Aarhus, there was a stated desire to remove parked cars from the urban landscape and once again make room for the city’s residents and visitors. With this in mind, Realdania By & Byg decided not only to build Europe's largest automated car park, but to rethink the entire parking experience, with a focus on rational use of space and user experience.

Users of the facility are spared having to weave their way through a dark labyrinth of underground spaces, and they can instead easily park their cars at street level in a well-illuminated glass box with natural ventilation and a view of the harbour. With just a few touches of a control panel, the facility transports the vehicle below ground to be stored in a large shelving system. A click of a button and the vehicle is returned to the user, who can then drive straight out onto the street.

The car park itself is 100 percent computer-controlled, and with the removal of any human element, each car requires considerably less space to park.

The facility is now in operation, and open to all.

Credit: Susanne Eeg Rumspringa

Credit: Susanne Eeg Rumspringa



Year of construction:



Central Jutland

Style and period:

Developmental construction


Watch how The Car Park works under DOKK1