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The Harbour Master’s House

The Harbour Master’s House in Skagen was built in 1905 and is the crowning achievement of architect Ulrik Plesner among the more than 30 buildings he built in the town. The house is a typical example of the period’s fondness for brick construction, drawing inspiration from English architecture and featuring a wealth of beautifully crafted details.

The Harbour Master’s House

The Harbour Master’s House was designed by the architect Ulrik Plesner (1861-1933) and built in 1905 to serve as the harbour master's office and a residence for the harbour master and two harbour keepers.

The Harbour Master’s House has a view over the harbour, and stands today as a testimony to the importance of the harbour to Skagen, and not least to the status held by the harbour master in the town.

The property represents a break with the homely architectural traditions of the day and exemplifies the work of the generation of architects to which Plesner belonged, who lived by the maxim: “When you build a house, start with the inside and work outwards” Everything was brick-built from the ground up in the Baroque style with a liberated, personal touch incorporating older, simple building methods and English architectural traditions.

The building has a prominent place among Plesner’s many works and could be considered as the peak of his architectural achievements in Skagen.

The building is today home to the town’s business forum and tourist association.

Credit: Lars Gundersen

Credit: Lars Gundersen


Architect Ulrik Plesner

Year of construction:



North Jutland

Style and period:

Art Nouveau