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Publication: The MiniCO2 Houses

In Nyborg, on the island of Funen, Realdania By & Byg has built six individually different single-family houses. The impetus has been to demonstrate five extreme ways to reduce the CO2 footprint in five different houses, as a basis for developing the sixth house; a single-family Mini-CO2 standard house, combining all the lessons learned.

In 2013-2014, Realdania By & Byg built six new single-family houses in Nyborg. Each of the houses, in its own way, shows how it is possible to reduce resource consumption and thereby reduce carbon emissions in the different phases of a building’s life.

The first five houses constructed apply completely new strategies for reducing carbon emissions throughout the entire lifetime of the house: from construction to demolition. One of the houses has walls made from shipping containers and flooring made of champagne corks, while another requires no maintenance for the first 50 years of its life, and a third praises its occupants when they take only a short shower and minimise use of their carbon quota.

The sixth house exploits the knowledge gained from the first five houses to create the ideal low carbon emission house, the MiniCO2 Prefabricated House, which falls within a typical home-build budget.

42 pages with photos, illustrations and text.

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