Om Realdania Byg Klubben

How We Work

Realdania By & Byg builds experimental new buildings, preserve historic houses and partake in urban development projects in Denmark. Our work serve as tangible examples to inspire future projects.

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What We Do

Our objective is to accumulate a portfolio of historic and modern buildings and to partake in a select number of major urban development projects in keeping with the Realdania Foundation's strategy. Realdania By & Byg is a centre of excellence for the Realdania Foundation in the fields of property management, building conservation and urban development.

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Lars Gundersen

About Us

Realdania By & Byg is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Realdania Foundation. The Realdania Foundation was established in late 2000 following a merger between two large financial institutions. Realdania By & Byg initiates and supports projects in the built environment.

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